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Kitchens reinterpreted. SieMatic has been building high-quality kitchens for individual living spaces since 1929. Where cooking becomes the stage for creative living, wherever it takes place.

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The kitchen is the place where it all comes together

Creativity Begins At Home


Individual kitchens for modern living spaces.

With a totally new recess channel concept, the design of the SLX dispenses with handles - and yet the perfect angles, pleasing shapes and quality of the materials take the tactile experience to a new level.

Kitchens re-imagined. The SLX redefines handleless design.

SieMatic S2

Graphic connoisseurship, attention to design detail.

Materials and colors

Perceptible attention to detail.

Three easy steps to your dream kitchen

1. Varied inspiration

We provide you with fresh ideas and inspiration for the design of your dream kitchen.

2. Individual consultation

We will help you to find out which style elements you like and what equipment fits your requirements.

3. Precise planning

From the kitchen fronts and the choice of appliances to the interior design - together we plan your individual dream kitchen.

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It is not just the quality of the exterior that matters – the interior counts as well.

Creative freedom clearly organised. Interior fittings, which can be customised and adapted again and again, not only provide storage space, but also a place for everything in life from salad servers to that vintage purchase from last weekend.

Customised Interior Design

Your personal SieMatic advisor will help you choose the right functional elements and answer questions about style and design.

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The kitchen is the place where creativity unfolds. A place where you spend time with others, but also with your own thoughts. A place to come home to and embark on new creative adventures.

A studio for living and working.

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Award-winning design

Our design impresses international expert juries too. For example, our SLX model has already received the German Design Award 2021, Red Dot Design Award 2020, iF Design Award 2020 and Iconic Awards 2020.

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